#ThrowbackThursday: Book Launch Style

Land Your Dream Career 11 Steps to Take in CollegeFor those of you who follow me on social media, you might have noticed a spike in my online activity a few Thursdays ago…when we launched the book! In case you don’t know, I am co-author of “Land Your Dream Career: 11 Steps to Take in College,” which debuted in bookstores and e-bookstores this Spring. I really wanted to share all the activities my co-author, Betsy Hays, and I did to launch the book in one place, and thought it would be fun to share here. Feel free to read on and get links to us speaking in interviews!


1. Betsy and I were the Welcome Dinner speakers at the Heartbeat of PR conference in the Central Valley. We spoke on Mastering the Conversation, both in-person and online, to students from across the state. Not only were the students very receptive, but they gave us gifts! Check out this shirt and these caramels!

2. I spoke to several Fresno State classes about social media branding (both personal and corporate) and social media ethics. It was fun to see different students’ takes on social media — and that the stereotype of millennials naturally understanding social media is not always true. (There may be a future blog post discussing this topic…)

3. Book signing at Fresno State, our alma mater. We were set up in the Kennel Bookstore and loved meeting both students and professors, and practicing our signatures for the next signing! The Collegian, Fresno State’s student newspaper,  came to interview us on video. Check it out here.

4. I spoke on a panel for the Heartbeat of PR conference about interviewing to get a job. I tried to focus on informational interviews, and how to follow up on social media without coming across too forward (or annoying). I think these two topics are underplayed and, especially in this job market, students need to know how to stand out by being proactive in the interview process — all topics covered in our book. 🙂

5. Media! We were on CBS and FOX (links to pictures of us on set) affiliates discussing our book and how it isn’t only applicable to students. We were also asked for our favorite tips from the book. (Links to interviews coming soon!)

6. Another book signing! At Petunia’s Place in Fresno. This had a HUGE turnout and we had refreshments, snacks and even a LINE! My hand was so tired, but happy! To anyone in the Central Valley, check out Petunia’s Place. They are known for children’s books, but have a wide selection and are a dying breed of truly local, small-town bookstores. A beautiful store with very lovely owners.

7. More recently, we were on the East Coast-based Maslow Woman Live radio show discussing how to reinvent yourself in today’s job market. If you missed it, you can listen anytime here. We discussed social media’s role, what is happening with resumes and cover letters, and how to stand out to employers.

It was a whirlwind of a launch, after which I went home and slept for 14 hours straight. Were you at any of these events? Did you see/hear any of these interviews? Or were you one of the lucky two to win our book!? Let me know in the comments. 🙂